Interweaving Change

Interweaving Change is an artistic exploration of leadership, purpose and future possibilities, recognizing the interconnectedness of all living beings and systems. The program strives to interweave the patterns of change that have been emerging in the face of crises, in order to co-create planetary visions for new modes of coexistence.


Our observations over the course of the journey culminate in The Fabric of New Beginnings, an interactive exhibition at STATE Studio Berlin. Come take a virtual tour!

Our Program



Cartographies of Change

a crowd-sourced knowledge platform to map trends and speculations about a post-crisis society.

Community Interplay Series

three virtual community gatherings to envision a more just and sustainable future and to explore the role of communities in advancing it.

Responsible Leaders Sessions

a virtual leadership program curated to inquire into the leadership it takes for this more just and sustainable future to emerge.

The Fabric of New Beginnings

an exhibition to document the process and to showcase the interactive knowledge map emerging from Cartographies of Change, the Community Interplay Series and the Responsible Leaders Sessions.

How to get involved?

Interweaving Change is about listening to each other’s voices beyond social, cultural, disciplinary or institutional boundaries. Everyone is invited to co-create “Cartographies of Change”, our crowdsourcing platform. Here we collect and share the dreams, hopes and fears that shape the times we live in.